B.Sc. in Computer Science University of Roehampton

Programme overview

This programme is an action-packed 4-year journey that
develops and transforms you into a GLOCAL (Global yet Local)
digital talent. It comprises a 1:3 learning approach, which
includes a 1-year intensive coding boot camp and 3 years of
part-time studies with workplace experience.

1st year: Acquire skills equivalent to a Full Stack Software Developer

2nd – 4th year: Embark on your career as a Full Stack Software Developer Apprentice

1st Year: Full-Time Coding Bootcamp

Full-time Bootcamp (5 days a week, 8 hours a day) and
over 2,000 hours of guided learning and mentoring from
industry experts
Learn key aspects from world-class mentors
Front-end development
Back-end development
Enterprise Application Development
Project management
Peer-to-peer Learning | Borderless Learning | In-depth
Lectures | Interactive Assignments | Projects

2nd – 4th Year: Industry Apprenticeship

After the Bootcamp, embark on your career with a paid
You will be matched with one of our 2000+ local or
international industry partners, interviewed, and hired as
a full-time Full Stack Software Developer apprentice
Work full-time and study part-time
Collaborate and work with international colleagues
Work on live projects
Put your technical knowledge into practice

4th year onward:

Become an expert Full Stack Software Developer or kick
start your career as a Data Scientist, Cybersecurity Engineer,
or pursue a similar role


  1. Front-End Web Development
  2. Programming Foundations
  3. UI Frameworks
  4. Database Design and Implementation
  5. Application Implementation
  6. Web Development Foundations
  7. Capstone Project-Web Development
  8. Application Development & Processes
  9. Web Development Using Platforms
  10. Develop Enterprise Applications
  11. Application Integration
  12. Capstone Project – Application Development
  13. IT Systems & Networks
  14. IT Security
  15. Data Science Essentials
  16. Data Visualization
  17. Machine Learning
  18. Data Engineering
  19. Cyber Security
  20. Final Year Project


  • Minimum 2 credits in GCE A level including
    Maths or its equivalent
  • IELTS 5.5 or its equivalent, or candidates who
    completed school education in English as a
    medium of instruction

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