Industrial Diploma in Software Development (IDSD)

Be a Skilled Software Developerwithin a year


This programme is designed after considering the Information and communication industry requirements in order to produce an ‘Industry–ready’ middle level technician in Software development. It also gives a student a firm foundation to commence a degree level academic programme. The University of Moratuwa has recognized IDSD as an entry qualification to read the Bachelor of Information Technology offered by the University of Moratuwa.

Programme Objectives

  • Produce IT professionals with right competencies.
  • Help learners with right aptitude & high entry level qualification who do not qualify to enter a university or further studies.
  • Certify and open an entry point for learners those who drop out from other courses, through competency based learning methods.
  • Provide innovative learning methods for different learners who learn in different ways.
  • Give equal weightage for the four components of Competency – KSAP (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personal Characteristics) to make behavioral change in the learner to produce IT practitioners.

IDSD Programme

  • TVEC Registered Diploma
  • NVQ4 curriculum +  additional 4 major modules
  • Recognized as the first year of BIT degree of Victoria University , Australia

Course Duration : 1 Year Full Time

Course Fee : Rs. 180,000

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