A Practical Course in Taxation in Sri Lanka


1.To give a basic theoretical and procedural knowledge in taxes administered by the Department of Inland Revenue, Sri Lanka.

2.To enhance students with a comprehensive knowledge in tax computations relevant to individuals, partnerships and companies.

2.To provide a practical knowledge in using Revenue Administration Management Information System RAMIS system to submit tax returns, payments, appeals etc.

Target Group

  1. Executives who are in both private and public sector financial field with a desire to have an updated knowledge in Sri Lankan taxation.
  2. School leavers who want to be tax professionals in the future.
  3. Professionals in disciplines other than financial sector with a desire to have a basic knowledge in taxation.

Course Duration

3 months-3 Hours sessions 12

Resource Person

Conducted By: Former Inland Revenue Dept. Commissioner I T, MR UPSA Jayalath B.Sc, M.Sc(UCSC),MBA(UOM), MAAT, MBCS,MCSSL
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