WordPress Work-Shop

Our comprehensive WordPress training course will equip computer literate individuals with no web design or coding experience with knowledge and skills to design a complete professional WordPress website

Course Prerequisites

The only prerequisite is that you must be computer literate. We assume that you start the course with no web design or WordPress experience. Programming/ coding knowledge is not required

Target Audience

This course is aimed at:

  • Those who want to save on designing a website or making changes to a website
  • Those who have developed websites using Frontpage or Dreamweaver
  • Those who want to move their static or Joomla or Wix or Weebly website to WordPress
  • Those who want to know what WordPress is all about
  • Those who want to be in control of their website
  • Those who want a mobile-friendly/ responsive website

Course Outline

Below is a brief course outline-

  • Setting Up a Local Web Server
  • Creating a WordPress Website
  • Dashboard Login
  • The WordPress Interface
  • Changing WordPress Settings
  • About Plugins
  • The Page Screen
  • Optimising Images
  • Creating Web Pages
  • Creating Posts
  • Creating a Menu
  • Inserting Hyperlinks
  • About Shortcodes
  • Adding a Photo Gallery
  • Creating a Contact Form
  • About Widgets and Sidebars
  • Themes and Appearance
  • Inserting an Image Slider
  • Adding Social Media Buttons
  • Styling the Home Page
  • Changing Page Visibility
  • Adding Font Awesome Icons To Text
  • Inserting A Google Map
  • WordPress Web Security
  • Backing Up the Website

8 Sessions of 2 Hours


I am glad that I followed the recently concluded WordPress study program at the OpenArc Campus. It was more like a Workshop and individual attention was given to each participant. We were all beginners and at the end of the program we could all work independently and develop our own blogs. The Instructor’s style of coaching was excellent and he ensured that all participants benefitted by following this program.

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