MSc in Computing, University of Roehampton

About the Programme

MSc Computing is a conversion masters programme targeting non-computing graduates. Providing both practice and fundamental theories, the programme aims to develop students so they may enter IT positions.  MSc Computing provides a foundational basis of computer science education, focusing on software development, databases, and cyber security.  The uniqueness of computing education at the University of Roehampton is the focus on collaborative and ethical practice, embedding ethical ideas across the syllabus, with students working in collaboration as the norm.  Our intention is to equip students for working in the modern IT workplace, extending beyond the usual focus of skills-based learning in computing.

Computing uses blended and project-based learning to facilitate our collaborative learning style. Students will study how to recognise system requirements, design a solution, implement that solution, test and thus deliver the said solution.

For whom

  • Graduates with IT or non-IT degrees, who wish to read for a masters degree in computing from the University of Roehampton, UK
  • Those who aspire to work  as  a full-time paid apprentice in an international company

What we Offer

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Full Stack Software Development
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Full-Stack Software Implementation
  • Bootcamp to develop IT skills – conducted by Lithan EduCLaaS, Singapore
  • Paid full-time apprenticeship in an international company
  • Master of Science in Computing from University of Roehampton, UK


  • Front End Development & Programming
  • UI frameworks
  • Database Design Development
  • Web development foundation

Post Graduate Certificate in Full-Stack Software Implementation (3 Months, full-time study)

  • Web development using platforms
  •  Develop enterprise applications
  •  Application Integration
  • Application development (Capstone)

Master of Science in Computing (18 Months, Part-time study with paid internship)

  • Computer Systems
  • Computing and Society
  • Cyber-Security
  • MSc Project

Programme structure, course fees, and earning potential

Course commencement date


Mode of teaching

  • First 6 months – Bootcamp knowledge sharing would be done by Lithan EduCLaaS, Singapore utilizing industry experts
  • Balance 18 months- Academics of University of Roehampton

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