Industrial Diploma in Software Development (IDSD)

This programme is designed after considering the Information and communication industry requirements in order to produce an ‘Industry–ready’ middle level technician in Software development. It also gives a student a firm foundation to commence a degree level academic programme. The University of Moratuwa has recognized IDSD as an entry qualification to read the Bachelor of Information Technology offered by the University of Moratuwa. Programme Objectives
  • Produce IT professionals with right competencies.
  • Help learners with right aptitude & high entry level qualification who do not qualify to enter a university or further studies.
  • Certify and open an entry point for learners those who drop out from other courses, through competency based learning methods.
  • Provide innovative learning methods for different learners who learn in different ways.
  • Give equal weightage for the four components of Competency – KSAP (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personal Characteristics) to make behavioral change in the learner to produce IT practitioners.
Course Duration: 1 Year Full Time Course Fee : Rs. 120,000

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    • Semester 1 0/10

      In this section you'll learn some basic concepts of programming languages and how to use them. You'll also learn how to write clean code using different code editors and tools.

    • Semester 2 0/10

      In this section you'll learn some core concepts of Object Oriented Programming. You'll also learn how to structure the data, debug and handling exceptions.