Certificate in C#

Why C# at OpenArc

  1. Different delivery model
  • The delivery of the content is quite different. A virtual Lab is created during the class with the required servers and version control systems. The lessons flow with examples and case studies and the participants engage in the teaching-learning process by interacting with the lecture code in the SVN-version controlling system.

2.A better learning environment

  • OpenArc School of Business and Technology with their experience in the ICT education and training for more than 25 years, has established an excellent learning environment with all the modern facilities such as air-conditioned auditoriums / Class rooms, labs, multimedia projectors, screen sharing mechanisms, windows and linux servers required etc…

03.An excellent mix of human resources + Technology + facilities

  • This mix will provide you with a fantastic learning experience and great value for what you have paid for, in-terms of knowledge, experience and qualification.


  • Course Outline 0/6

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