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Sharadya Talent Show


The talent show organized by the Student Council of OpenArc Campus, was named “Sharadya” in the meaning of Autumn. Everything was done by the students together in harmony, from organizing part to the performing part. “Sharadya” was held at the Western Province Aesthetic Resort Main Hall on 26th of November 2015.The show was a great success. Our students really had hidden talents! The best part is, it was not meant only to show our students’ talents and have fun, but also to do one of the most meritorious deeds that can be done. With what we have earned monetary wise by selling tickets and souvenir advertisements, have been donated to a partially paralyzed person who had no way of keeping his family going on or no shelter to live with his family. OpenArc students were more than happy to donate all the funds to that person, so that he can have a home of his own to be with his family.

November 28, 2015

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