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Certificate Robotics Design

Robotics Design Course


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    Certificate Robotics Design

    Course Outline:

    01.Understanding about basic circuit components.

    •  Reading the Value of Resister & Capacitor.
    • Light sensitive Devices (LDR , Photo Diode, Photo Transistor)
    • Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
    • Possible values we can buy in Market(Resister & Capacitor)
    • Behavior of Semiconductor Devices (Diode, Transistor)
    • Behavior of Capacitor & Inductors.

    02.Microcontroller programming.

    • Understanding various kinds of Microcontroller and purpose of them.
    • Architecture of Microcontroller.
    • Development Boards.
    • Microcontroller Programming.
    • C Programming language.
    • ”Hello world” for micro C programming.

    03.Introduction to Arduino Development Environment.

    • Understanding about Arduino Development Environment.
    • Write simple code for Arduino.
    • Communication methods we used.
    • Serial Communication with Arduino.

    04.Understanding of main Robotics Modules.

    • Understanding  for SharpIR.
    • Understanding  for Sonar.
    • Motor controlling  Normal DC Motor, Stepper Motor.
    • Briefly explain about  Servo Motor controlling.

    05.Control system modelling.

    • Why we want control system algorithms ?
    • What are the  Different control system algorithms
    • Briefly explain about  and PID Algorithm.
    • Software implementation of PID algorithm.
    • PID For line following Robots.

    06.Bluetooth control Robot design (individual project).

    • Wireless Communication Methods.
    • Connect devices Via Bluetooth.
    • Serial communication Via Bluetooth.
    • Basic Arduino knowledge for Using Library.
    • Bluetooth control Robot Design.

    commencement :2016-08-18


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